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Botox Facial


Botox Facial $95 reg. $135

Up Close Beauty Max - Botox Facials

Our Botox facial skin care service is a 70 minute session including consultation and treatment. Botox facials are an intensive wrinkle treatment designed to help relax and reduce contractions in skin for a younger, smoother complexion.

We start with a deep, purifying cleanse using a 7% glycolic toner to soften dead skin cells and prepare for a flow blown microdermabrasion session. This is accompanied by a lymphatic facial massage treatment with Vitamin C and B which will enhance brightening and hydrate the skin.

Next, we perform a neck and scalp massage to relax the body and soul with the Botox facial mask. Moreover, this helps to stimulate cellular adhesion molecules that are responsible for skin smoothness, firmness, and brightness.

Lastly, a cream composed of herbal elastin, vitamin E, and 50% sunscreen is applied to protect and increase collagen. Application of this cream also helps to slow down the natural aging process and prevents moisture loss.

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